Hi guys,

So... a nomination for Newgrounds Best of December 2015! Admittedly, going by the looks of the other nominations, it's anything uploaded last month that got over 3 stars, but... any press is good press :p if you enjoyed the game, then please take the time to give me a nomination, it's greatly appreciated :)

The level map is almost done; and was considering uploading it until I realised it was a visual walkthrough/cheat sheet for a game I haven't even made yet. So, dodged a bullet there.

Thanks for following!


Hello everyone, and thankyou for playing! 

I had a pretty good reception for a small game, two weeks to make in full, and I've very happy with it's comments... I think a small beta to reach 2,400 hits in a week and a half is a win :) I had some very constructive comments, and a HUGE thankyou to everyone who commented.

I absolutely love Newgrounds for it's ability to nurture new talent, and I've been a huge fan and supporter of new talent for years; shoutout to heroes like Scriptwelder and TheGameKitchen, for The Last Door, both some serious pixel-based wonderality! (it'll be a word someday, you'll see!)

But most of all, a huge thanks to my commenteers for their help, and Lectrovolt is now bug free! (hopefully)

The only critique I couldn't fix was the length of the game, and for that, I am in the process of creating Lectrovolt II; the first game had a total of 4x8 tiles, 32 in total... Lectrovolt II will have over 200, with multiple floors, a new subversive plot that will create a story without writing and two new abilities, a fun warp ability through plug sockets and another to be...! Figured out.

It'll be a while, i'm giving myself six months with this one, but hopefully you can expect some more great tracks from Ketsa and some soundscape drama... We're coming for you, Ori! 

 So, watch my profile, i'll put up little bits of pixel art if I can, but I'll be toddling along with work on Lectrovolt II, and will post if anything fun happens :)

Last of all, a shoutout to DamonandSky. Man, can that guy comment. Thanks buddy, review the next one!